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As an author and freelance writer, John has honed his skills in crafting compelling content. But that's not all -he is also a certified cybersecurity consultant with PCIP, CISSP & CCSK credentials under his belt. He's a full member of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIIS), too.

Currently, John works for an international offshore bank, managing security for all projects. But his expertise doesn't stop there - he has spent over two decades in IT & Information Security, working in various sectors such as banking, finance, and logistics services.

What sets him apart is his ability to successfully implement PCI-DSS and a Secure-SDLC, ensuring top-notch governance, compliance, and system design choices. He's also skilled in managing vendor relationships and so much more.

Having spent years dealing with automotive crime and working alongside law enforcement and emergency services as a security product specialist and incident responder, he gained invaluable experience before becoming an incident manager in the heart of London.

John’s written for top-notch companies in the US and Canada and has even been featured in prestigious publications like InfoSec Magazine and Writers & Artists. Recently, he published his Payment Card Industry Professional Study Guide, which offers a practical and resourceful perspective on the topic. With a passion for creative writing and a fascination for all things cyber-related, John's future projects include PCIP 4.0 and his first novel - a thrilling cyber tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Articles by John Meah