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Enterprise Voice Over Internet Protocol

What Does Enterprise Voice Over Internet Protocol Mean?

Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (enterprise VoIP) refers to software that provides Internet telephone capabilities specifically designed to fit the needs of large organizations. Enterprise VoIP is designed to provide the full range of publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) services, as well as additional services.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Voice Over Internet Protocol

Enterprise VoIP is basically a more powerful, secure and scalable version of residential VoIP applications. For many organizations, the attraction of enterprise VoIP centers on its ability to integrate other Internet applications with calling features. Ideally, a caller on enterprise VoIP can simultaneously chat, transfer files, share screens and email through one interface, increasing the depth and ease of communication

Add-ons to VoIP service vary by provider, but may include:

  • Higher encryption options
  • Private internal phone networks similar to a private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Customized answering, hold and call waiting features
  • Automated call handling
  • Conference calling
  • In-program chat, data transfer, screen sharing and other multi-user functions

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